What Is Contemporary Fine Art? Read more

What Is Contemporary Fine Art?

Art collectors have many reasons for doing what they do. Through an art collection, one can preserve history, curate beauty, express oneself, adorn one’s home, or enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Generally, art collectors love the work they seek. Contemporary fine art may be easy to dismiss for some, but understanding it has great […]

How Fine Art Enhances the Hotel Experience Read more

How Fine Art Enhances the Hotel Experience

Hotels are no longer simply places to stay the night. As hotel owners strive to accommodate the growing audience of millennials, art plays an enormous role in fulfilling the visual, informative, and engaging aspects this generation seeks in experiences. No matter what the demographic, however, fine art is making an appeal in hotels throughout the […]

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Fine Art of Producing Fine Art

Yaacov Agam, born in Israel in 1928, was the son of a rabbi and it is felt that his early immersion into Jewish studies greatly influenced his artwork.  Agam’s later fascination with movement was initially inspired by the shifting sands in the deserts of Israel where he was raised.