Jane Currie Clark

Jane Currie Clark was a self-taught and highly skilled painter from Catonsville, Maryland. Even though she didn’t pick up a paintbrush until the age of 70, Clark certainly made an impact with her primitive style artwork. Her paintings often depict scenes from her childhood in Baltimore, immortalizing the city that she loved. Jean Currie Clark also featured a representation of herself as a young girl in each of her pieces, earning her the comparison to “Grandma Moses.” From Switzerland to Baltimore, her work has been featured and celebrated worldwide. For three years in a row, Clark’s paintings were showcased at the Washington International Art Fair.

Artistic Journey and Style

In 1906, Jane Currie Clark was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She grew up in Catonsville, Maryland, and her happy childhood memories would later serve as the focus of her artwork. She began painting in 1976 after retiring from her career in sales at Hutzler’s department store. As a self-taught artist, Clark’s work was categorized as primitive or naif art. These classifications are exemplified by her simplistic, straight-forward, and unadorned scenes. She was often compared to “Grandma Moses” because she incorporated herself as a young girl in each of her paintings.

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