Art Categories

Traditionally the most important method of fine art printing is Serigraphy, in large part because serigraphs are the most durable form of color fine art production. Each color of our serigraphic works is individually hand printed as one color and one sheet at a time, with color plates created by joint collaboration

with the artist and Zimmerman Editions. The process of creating the color printing plates is a significant step in the artistic process, and serigraphs may contain an unlimited number of printed colors, even into the hundreds. Zimmerman Editions, Ltd. combines color plates, mezzotints, stochastic screens, blends, and many other serigraphic techniques to produce the textures and graphic effects of an artist’s work. All plates are destroyed upon completion of a limited edition.

Zimmerman Editions, Ltd. has worked with leading artists from around the world to provide them with the finest art printing methods for their artistic preferences and collectors’ needs. The favored printing method for high quality limited edition prints has been the Serigraphic technique because it provides the most vivid and durable colors with treasured surface texture and a wide range of media flexibility.

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