James Coignard

James Coignard was an abstract artist born in Tours, France, in 1925. He studied at the Arts décoratifs in Nice and was best known for his vibrant use of primary colors in his work. His technical skills were incredibly versatile and included painting, sculpting, etching, and ceramics. Zimmerman Fine Art showcases Coignard’s life’s work with beautiful, high-quality prints.

Life History and Artistic Career

Coignard’s love for art was inspired by the picturesque landscapes of the French Riviera. He took the first step in his artistic career at the age of 23, when he started studying at the prestigious Arts décoratifs in Nice, France. During this time, he balanced his educational endeavors with a career in the French administration. However, four years later, Coignard quit his job and chose to pursue his passion for art.

Coignard is best known for his highly textured and embossed hand-made paper. In 1950, Coignard collaborated with Paul Hervieu, a publisher and gallerist in Nice, France. This collaboration elevated his career and connected him with the international art community. In 1968, etching took center stage in his artwork. By 1978, he helped establish an etching studio called Pasnic. Coignard’s work has been showcased in galleries worldwide. He passed away on March 7, 2008.

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