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The History of Collage Art

Paintings and sculptures have been the main art forms that define Fine art for many centuries, but over the past century, other forms have also risen to prominence. Collage, which involves the gluing of different papers or mixed materials to a background surface, is also a Fine art form in its own right. How did […]

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All About Pop Art

When people think of Pop Art, they might think of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans or The Marilyn Diptych by the same artist. Pop art is known for its fun nature and bold, simple colors. However, there is much more to the genre. Keep on reading to learn all about pop art!

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A Timeline of 20th Century Art

One way to appreciate this period of time is through the artwork which emerged, expressing the spirit of each decade. There is a proliferation of art movements during the 20th century, each decade reflecting the previous years and building on them.  Below is a brief timeline of 20th century art, depicting when each major art […]

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Fine Art Originals vs. Limited Edition Prints

When starting a fine art collection, you will come across many different art options. What are the differences between ‘fine art originals’ vs. ‘limited edition prints’, for example? Here’s more on what these are and which you might like best. Original works of art or well-executed limited edition pieces are perhaps the two finest levels […]

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How to Create a Gallery Wall

At Zimmerman Limited Editions in Baltimore, Maryland, you can always find a piece of artwork you will love. If you are a fan of 20th-century fine art, our gallery has many high-quality prints, posters, and originals by some of the century’s finest artists, including Yaacov Agam, Peter Max, Yankel Ginzburg, James Coignard, Len Janklow, Romero […]

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How to Start an Art Collection

Starting an art collection is a joy that can be pursued for a lifetime. Collecting art is a highly subjective experience that people enjoy, bringing color and design elements into their homes and workplaces, to mark a special occasion or memory, and for the sheer enjoyment of enriching their surroundings. Some people think of art […]

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The Psychology of Color in Fine Art

When artists paint or create, they typically focus on the subject and message rather than merely the color. Yet the psychology of color in fine art—that is, the effect of color on the viewer—is evident. When choosing fine art for your home or commercial space, one can consider color a key element in your arrangement. […]

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Fine Art for Commercial Spaces

Without art, a room can seem lifeless. Fine art adds color, meaning, and mood to a space more than anything else can, and in commercial areas, ambience truly sets the tone. If you’re given the job of creating a mood in a healthcare facility, restaurant, office, hotel, or any other commercial space, you can start […]

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Kinetic Artist Len Janklow

Kinetic Art, a relatively new art form, is defined as any artwork that evokes movement of any kind. It can be art that is literally moving, art that moves as you walk by it or around it, or art that can be manually manipulated, creating new images.  Sometimes it is even electrically powered. It is […]

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Why Buy from an Art Gallery?

When trying to make any room more inviting, relaxing, or interesting, it is important to address the importance of wall space and how it is treated. This is true in residential or commercial spaces. What goes on the wall impacts the tone and appeal of the room.