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Judaica Art

If you are looking for Judaica Art, Zimmerman Editions has beautiful artwork from Jewish and non-Jewish artists from around the world.  At Zimmerman Editions, Ltd., you can find art by many renowned artists at great prices. This selection of work includes limited edition prints, sculptures, and originals.  These pieces of art will make a perfect […]

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What Is An Art Dealer?

An art dealer helps clients, gallery owners, museum curators, and artists find the art they are looking for. Oftentimes, they own and run a gallery of their own, or they work from their home.   Some dealers have a formal art education, but others don’t—it’s not mandatory.  

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Symbolism in Jewish Art

Jewish art is a prominent art genre that has existed for thousands of years. It is built upon a heritage of symbols meaningful and unique to Jewish history. One can categorize Jewish art in several ways: Jewish folk art, creative renditions of ritualistic or historical art, and art by Jewish people. See the history of […]

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African American Themed Posters for Sale

If you are looking for exquisite African American-themed posters for sale, you are in luck!    Zimmerman Limited Editions has a collection of cultural posters that highlight the African American heritage. You can view our collection in our gallery, and if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Also, feel free […]

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Art

It is no secret that creating or viewing art has helped individuals make great strides in improving their mental and physical health. Art therapy is a powerful tool. Did you know that viewing art can have the same benefits as creating it?  Even if you are a collector rather than a creator, you too can […]

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Common Types of Art Mediums

Over the centuries, and spanning from prehistoric times to today, there have been many works of art that were deemed “masterpieces”.  This includes artwork from ancient times that was carved into rocks, through the periods of oil painting, watercolor painting, clay sculpting, bronze, clay, brass, and an infinite other mediums and art forms.  Each one […]

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What Is the CoBrA Art Movement?

The CoBrA art movement was part of the 20th-century art movement with its own twist. Breaking away from the rest, this group of international artists forged a unique mark in the 20th-century art world that has continued to last as a significant statement on life and art methodology.

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Appreciating Abstract Art

If there is any art form that people have the most difficulty understanding today, it is abstract art. It can be easy enough to view a still life, landscape painting, or portrait and appreciate the skill of its composition and the beauty and meaning it offers. On the other hand, the significance of abstract art […]

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Patriotism Expressed through Art

Patriotism is the love of one’s country. It is only natural to love one’s fatherland, and people all over the world unify through their shared love for their own people and ways. In various countries, including the United States of America, patriotism can come through in different ways, such as music, literature, the flag, etc., […]

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The Art of Curating Art

Curation is a little-understood word, namely because many people have used the term to apply to a far broader spectrum than originally intended. Today, you can comically say people curate just about anything they collect, such as snacks, clothing, books, antiques and much much more. When curating visual art, you step into a world of […]