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Fine Art Prints vs. Fine Art Posters

Artwork brightens up the home and office, but buying an original one-of-a-kind art piece often is out of one’s price range. Centuries of advanced imaging technology have led to the development of numerous collectible printed products.  Two of the most common categories are ‘limited edition fine art prints’ and ‘art posters’.  While the average consumer […]

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What Is Lithography?

Society has always strived toward artisanal workmanship as well as easy mass production. It is a fine line that is difficult to achieve. Works of fine art can take years to produce, and cheap reproductions have little value. One of the quality printing mediums available to fine artists—that accomplishes both fine artistry and swift reproduction—is […]

"West Virginia USA" serigraph by Russel Hardin Read more

What Is a Serigraph Print?

For collectors dedicated to cultivating a valuable collection of fine art, it can sometimes be challenging to find out what type of art print is worthy of their time and resources. Some types of art prints are more well-known than others, but “popularity” often doesn’t equate to prudent art investments. While giclée prints and lithographs […]

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What Is Kinetic Art?

Kinetic art captures a significant time in art and world history. Likely, one has seen this art style in a museum and did not realize it was part of that movement. This style can appear in multiple forms, including print, sculpture, and even buildings. With further understanding, one can see the magic, beauty, and meaning […]

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How to Hang Fine Art at Home

For lovers of art, it isn’t uncommon to end up with a box or two of beautiful artwork, framed or unframed. You may love every piece, but you have no clue how or where to put it in your house. Thankfully, this skill doesn’t have to be so daunting. Here are some basic tips on […]

The Neeman Towers by Yaacov Agam Read more

Monumental Fine Art — The Agam Buildings

Building Exteriors designed by artist Yaacov Agam Yaacov Agam was born the son of a rabbi in Rishon Le-Zion, Palestine, in 1928. After his Yeshiva studies, he trained at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. Today he is arguably Israel’s best-known artist and is acknowledged worldwide as a founder and innovator of the kinetic […]

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Should You Buy a Giclée Print?

Obtaining fine art for the home is the goal of any art collector and admirer of fine furnishings. A person who values quality artwork wants the best for their space. In the quest for beautiful fine art, one may soon stumble upon the world of ‘giclée printing’, a growing medium of art reproduction. Although it […]

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What Is Contemporary Fine Art?

Art collectors have many reasons for doing what they do. Through an art collection, one can preserve history, curate beauty, express oneself, adorn one’s home, or enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Generally, art collectors love the work they seek. Contemporary fine art may be easy to dismiss for some, but understanding it has great […]

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How Fine Art Enhances the Hotel Experience

Hotels are no longer simply places to stay the night. As hotel owners strive to accommodate the growing audience of millennials, art plays an enormous role in fulfilling the visual, informative, and engaging aspects this generation seeks in experiences. No matter what the demographic, however, fine art is making an appeal in hotels throughout the […]