Who Is Artist Yankel Ginzburg? Read more

Who Is Artist Yankel Ginzburg?

Many artists become famous for their paintings, but Yankel Ginzburg has also become very well known and admired in other disciplines. Ginzburg, one of the renowned artists of the 20th century, also creates magnificent lucite sculptures, and intriguing limited edition print designs. He even executes his own plates to be serigraphed, while being an international […]

Famous Jewish Artists of the 20th Century Read more

Famous Jewish Artists of the 20th Century

It is interesting to view the history of a culture through the prism of the art created during particular time periods. Many with Jewish heritage or an interest in Jewish history and culture can learn much from the myriad of Jewish artists of the 20th century. These four contemporary Jewish artists, described below, specialized in […]

How to Decorate a Restaurant with Artwork Read more

How to Decorate a Restaurant with Artwork

Restaurants are an integral part of every community; it’s the place where friends and family gather, feast, and enjoy being together. If you own a restaurant you want to create the most intimate and festive atmosphere possible because you want your customers to enjoy themselves and keep coming back!  Almost as important as the menu, […]

The Artist Yaacov Agam Read more

The Artist Yaacov Agam

The 20th century produced many outstanding artists who have contributed to the world of art as we know it today.  They developed new techniques, using new materials, and helped us view the world through a different lens. Yaacov Agam is one of those who stand out in the way he perceived the world, through his […]

Who Is Joan Miro? Read more

Who Is Joan Miro?

Among the famous artists of the 20th century, Joan Miro is one of the most renowned. In the early 20th century, various art movements such as Fauvism, Cubism, and Surrealism sprouted due to the current philosophies, including the teachings of Sigmund Freud and Marxism. While Joan Miro worked alongside his contemporaries and created similar works, […]

"American Girl” small acrylic sculpture by Romero Britto Read more

Choosing Artwork for Your Home

Choosing artwork is a personal matter, especially when it comes to artwork for your home. Art is a form of self-expression, showcasing what people value most and what makes their heart sing. It isn’t always easy to pick the right pieces for each spot in the house, though. As you shop for art to place […]

Santa Fe", framed Serigraph by Yankel Ginzburg Read more

Tips for Gifting Artwork

Giving the perfect gift can be a challenge. The recipient might already seem to have everything, or have a wildly different taste from yours. Even so, the gift of artwork is both classic and unique and can make a lasting impression on your recipient. Below are several tips for gifting artwork. 

"Only You Can Hear" by Romero Britto Read more

How Do People Choose Artwork?

People choose artwork for all sorts of reasons, and while they may set out to find artwork for one reason, they may end up selecting a piece for an entirely different reason. Artwork plays an essential role in life, surrounding you with the colors, the subjects and the styles that speak to you, making your […]

"Image Aquatic” Prismagraph Wall Sculpture, by Yaacov Agam Read more

How to Decorate with Sculptures

When decorating a home, one consideration, after the placement of the furniture, will be what to hang on the walls. In addition to the traditional framed prints, it is important to add sculptures to a room as well. Sculptures in a room tend to break up the monotony of only having art on the walls. […]