Fine Art Sculptures

Delve into our impressive collection of fine art sculptures! Zimmerman Fine Art produces a varied inventory of exquisite sculptures for our clients. From Yankel Ginzburg’s enigmatic glimpse “Thru the Looking Glass” to Yaacov Agam’s whimsical “Rainbow Rhythm” we feature stunning work by acclaimed artists from all around the world. Most of our fine art sculptures are printed as serigraphs on high-quality, Lucite clear acrylic. However, our limited-edition sculptures are also hand-crafted by our expert team. For more information about fine art sculptures, please contact us today!

Zimmerman Editions, Ltd, for almost three decades, has printed limited edition fine art Sculptures utilizing acrylic, glass and other unusual media. We found that working with artists to select suitable and appropriate media for their serigraphic sculptures and executing their three-dimensional designs, was a creative process that imparted timeless value to the finished art piece.
Typically, crystal clear acrylic blocks were hand cut and faceted and to the artists’ exacting requirements, usually fashioned with integral bases to support the finished sculptures. Zimmerman Editions, Ltd. then printed the serigraphic images, either directly onto the sculpture media or via a special transfer process depending on the attributes of the particular sculpture. With both single and multi-panel sculptures often unique effects were created by printing serigraph images on both sides of the clear panels. After polishing and final inspection and approval by the artist, each sculpture was hand engraved and individually signed by the artist.
Zimmerman Editions, Ltd. specially packages each sculpture for protection from harm during shipping and storage, an added value for the buyer.

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