Piet Mondrian

Born in 1872, Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter and a co-founder of the De Stijl movement. As a leader in experimental and abstract art, Mondrian is considered one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. Zimmerman Fine Art produces an exquisite collection of prints of Mondrian’s iconic work.

History and Influence

Piet Mondrian was born in a town called Amersfoort in the Netherlands. In 1892, he enrolled in the Academy for Fine Art in Amsterdam to pursue his artistic passions and take the first step in his successful career. Initially, his work was characterized as naturalistic, and his subjects were mostly landscapes. However, as his skills evolved, Mondrian’s work increasingly favored abstract expressionism. His paintings feature geometric shapes and exclusive use of primary colors.

Mondrian’s work has had a significant cultural impact. In 1965, the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent featured Mondrian’s signature geometric print on a collection of shift dresses. In the marketing campaign, the models posed in front of the original Mondrian painting. Movies and television shows have referenced Mondrian’s work, showcasing his highly recognizable designs. His paintings are showcased in museums all around the world, ranging from the National Museum of Serbia to the Guggenheim Collection.

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Piet Mondrian "Tableau No. IV"

Piet Mondrian “Tableau No. IV”

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