What Is Contemporary Fine Art?

What Is Contemporary Fine Art?

 “La Tapigraphie” Serigraph Print by Yaacov Agam

Art collectors have many reasons for doing what they do. Through an art collection, one can preserve history, curate beauty, express oneself, adorn one’s home, or enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Generally, art collectors love the work they seek. Contemporary fine art may be easy to dismiss for some, but understanding it has great rewards for any art collector out there.

The Perception of Art

To understand contemporary fine art, one must look back at the history of how people perceived art and how artists made art. The most pivotal change in art perception happened in the mid-1700s, between the Classical and Romantic periods. Earlier in the century, the Western culture thought of art as the beauty and quality of craftsmanship in any object; for example, people recognized the artfulness in a shoe. Alternatively, a painting in a church had a utilitarian purpose, but still was art too. Within the 18th century, art became what we know it today: a collection of different objects like sculptures, paintings, poetry, and music that fall under the realm of Imagination. 

How Contemporary Art Came to Be

Meanwhile, artists have changed and diversified the functions of art. However, there are also ways in which art has never changed. An artist may choose a specific material to show the worth or meaning of the subject. He or she may communicate through visual symbolism, or just wish to behold something beautiful, like a landscape. The great changes in art mainly come about because of the philosophy of the day. Modern and Postmodern art pushed boundaries and developed styles expressing a multiplicity of philosophies. Contemporary art as a category developed in the early 20th century when Modernism as an art movement had closed. 

Expansion of Artistic Styles

As mentioned before, the principles and functions of art have never changed. Fine art consists of the same elements as always, and still communicates all aspects of life. Just like there is a song for everything, there’s also an art piece for everything. Contemporary fine art is no different, and includes an innumerable collection of voices on classic subjects and current or historic events. It expresses the lives of every nation and every facet of beauty.  As one beautiful example of a print commemorating an historic event, you will see included this image of a limited edition serigraphic print by internationally recognized Israeli-American fine artist Yankel Ginzburg called “Glorious Document” commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the American Constitution.   

"Glorious Document" by Yankel Ginzburg

“Glorious Document” by Yankel Ginzburg

With the diversity that contemporary fine art has, an art collector can learn more about the art world and life itself.

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