Tom Engeman

Tom Engeman is a successful graphic designer, best known for his Liberty Bell and Flags of Our Nation stamp collections with the United States Postal Service. He maintained a lifelong passion for the arts and was fascinated with postage stamps ever since he was a child. His artistic style is characterized as simplistic, sleek, and modern. Zimmerman Fine Art honors Tom Engeman’s lifetime of achievement and has produced many high-quality prints of his celebrated work.

Career Highlights and Life History

For over 35 years, Engeman worked as a graphic designer in Washington, DC. His fascination with postage stamps led him to work for the United States Postal Service in the 1980s. He designed posters, pamphlets, postcards, and, most notably, commemorative stamps. Some of his most recognizable designs include the Liberty Bell “Forever” stamp and the National World War II Memorial commemorative stamp. His Flags of Our Nation stamp collection was incredibly expansive, featuring an impressive total of 60 stamps. Each stamp in this set featured the state’s flag as well as a distinguishing element of each region.

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Engeman "Amtrak 30th Street Station"

Engeman “Amtrak 30th Street Station”

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