Who Is Artist Yankel Ginzburg?

Who Is Artist Yankel Ginzburg?

“Thru the Looking Glass” Limited Edition Sculpture by Yankel Ginzburg

Many artists become famous for their paintings, but Yankel Ginzburg has also become very well known and admired in other disciplines. Ginzburg, one of the renowned artists of the 20th century, also creates magnificent lucite sculptures, and intriguing limited edition print designs. He even executes his own plates to be serigraphed, while being an international political activist.

Yankel Ginzburg

Yankel Ginzburg was born in 1945 in Soviet Russia, close to the Chinese border, to parents who were both Russian army officers. His father, who was a lawyer, fled Poland to join Russias army. His mothers father was General Marshal Georgi Zhukov, who helped to defeat Hitler in WWII. Ginzburg has a Jewish heritage through his fathers line, but his parents kept this secret from him until the age of nine for security reasons. He and his parents moved to Israel in 1957. After graduating with honors from the Institute of Art, serving two years in the military, receiving several art awards, and participating in one-man art shows in Israel and Italy, Ginzburg had his first solo exhibition in the United States at the National Gallery of Art at the invitation of First Lady Ladybird Johnson.

Who Is Artist Yankel Ginzburg?

“Birth of a Nation” Limited Edition Serigraph by Yankel Ginzburg

Artistic Career

Artist Yankel Ginzburg grew to worldwide prominence quickly after his first sponsored visit to the United States. Since then, he has had exhibitions in major cities across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He received commissions from prominent figures including presidents Ronald Reagan, Boris Yeltsin, and George Bush. He also was commissioned to create notable projects to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution called “The Bicentennial Series”, the enormous sculpture in Tampa titled Invisible Hands,” and the Freedom Road” tapestry in the U.S. Holocaust museum. Artist Yankel Ginzburg has been the subject of a full-length documentary and multiple books and articles. The three images of the Constitution Bicentennial Series can be acquired from Zimmerman Editions.

Ginzburg’s Art

Ginzburg’s art is powerful. He creates in many forms and media, including oil, acrylic, mixed media, serigraphy, and tapestry. Art experts define his style as post-cubist and constructivist. Art critics recognize the uniqueness of his art. Zimmerman Editions was Yankel’s primary printer, fabricator, publisher and distributor of most of Yankel Ginzburgs prints, sculptures, and more throughout his most prolific years. To learn more about artist Yankel Ginzburg, read on here.

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