What Is Lithography? Read more

What Is Lithography?

Society has always strived toward artisanal workmanship as well as easy mass production. It is a fine line that is difficult to achieve. Works of fine art can take years to produce, and cheap reproductions have little value. One of the quality printing mediums available to fine artists—that accomplishes both fine artistry and swift reproduction—is […]

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How to Hang Fine Art at Home

For lovers of art, it isn’t uncommon to end up with a box or two of beautiful artwork, framed or unframed. You may love every piece, but you have no clue how or where to put it in your house. Thankfully, this skill doesn’t have to be so daunting. Here are some basic tips on […]

How Fine Art Enhances the Hotel Experience Read more

How Fine Art Enhances the Hotel Experience

Hotels are no longer simply places to stay the night. As hotel owners strive to accommodate the growing audience of millennials, art plays an enormous role in fulfilling the visual, informative, and engaging aspects this generation seeks in experiences. No matter what the demographic, however, fine art is making an appeal in hotels throughout the […]