How to Create a Gallery Wall

"Fire, Fire" Limited Edition Serigraph Print hand-signed by Jane Currie Clark

“Fire, Fire” Limited Edition Serigraph Print hand-signed by Jane Currie Clark

At Zimmerman Limited Editions in Baltimore, Maryland, you can always find a piece of artwork you will love. If you are a fan of 20th-century fine art, our gallery has many high-quality prints, posters, and originals by some of the century’s finest artists, including Yaacov Agam, Peter Max, Yankel Ginzburg, James Coignard, Len Janklow, Romero Britto, Al Laoang, and Joan Miro. With so much art to love, knowing how to arrange it all is often an afterthought. To display your art collection in the finest way, you can create a gallery wall, or two!

Unified or Varied Frames

After you’ve chosen the art you love, the next consideration is the framing.  While you might focus on the art alone, you can actually do quite a lot with the frames to create a complete look.   A simple and effective tactic is to use one type of frame only for a unified look. On the other hand, varied frames of different colors, textures, and shapes can add a whole new dimension to the gallery wall.  The most important thing in choosing a frame is to make sure that it complements and enhances the artwork.  After all, that’s what you are showcasing.  Your framer will have considerable experience at helping you choose a frame that will complement your piece or art and your budget.  If you deal with someone you trust, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices, let him or her help you.  The more art you frame, the easier this will get!

Unified Theme, Color Scheme, or Form

It is not important that your artwork has a unified theme, either subject-wise or color-wise.  The most interesting displays of art are the collections with variety of design, color, and theme.  There should be something attracting you to each piece of art, and whether it is similar to the piece next to it or not, is unimportant.

"Only You Can Hear" by Romero Britto

“Only You Can Hear” Limited Edition Serigraph Print hand-signed by Romero Britto

Work Around One or Two Anchor Pieces

What if you have paintings or prints of different sizes? On a piece of paper, or your computer, or in your mind, begin with one or two large pieces you own. Then, starting with these anchor pieces, arrange the smaller artworks around them in a way that pleases you.

Lay It Out Before Hanging It Up

Before hammering that first nail in the wall, make sure you have it right. Lay your framed pieces on the floor and test the arrangement out in real life until you are satisfied. Ready to frame your work or add to your collection? 

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