Fine Art Originals vs. Limited Edition Prints

"Summer" Acrylic Painting on Canvas  Artwork by fine artist Toni Berger

“Summer” Acrylic Painting on Canvas Artwork by fine artist Toni Berger

When starting a fine art collection, you will come across many different art options. What are the differences between ‘fine art originals’ vs. ‘limited edition prints’, for example? Here’s more on what these are and which you might like best. Original works of art or well-executed limited edition pieces are perhaps the two finest levels of art you can have in your home. These pieces are the ones that will stand the test of time and that you will treasure for many years. You’ll learn about the artists, and maybe start to follow their works.

Fine Art Originals

 A fine art original is an art piece that the artist created and is one-of-a-kind. It can be any medium, composition, or material and the artist typically creates his/her original by hand. Originals are generally the most prized form of fine art to collect, especially if you really admire the work.  Fine art originals can include paintings of all types, kinetic wall art, sculptures, or tapestries.

Limited Edition Prints

In terms of limited edition prints, you need to learn a bit about the different choices.  

First, there are ‘limited edition prints’ and there are ‘open edition prints’. An open edition print is a print that has no limits on its production count; as long as people want the image, it will be in print. And if the demand exists (or reemerges) it can be reprinted again and again. This type of art print has a much lower value because the supply will be endless. 

"Leo" Wool Tapestry by Yankel Ginzburg

“Leo” Wool Tapestry by Yankel Ginzburg

A ‘limited edition print’ is part of one set of fine art prints. Once all of the prints are made, there will be no more after that. The artist usually individually inspects each of these artworks and signs and numbers each of them by hand. You might see a number out of the total edition count written at the bottom of the piece. Depending on the artist, the demand, and the quality and type of printing, a limited edition print can be quite valuable. There are different methods of printing these editions, typically lithography, serigraphy, and giclee. Serigraphy is the most durable and fade-resistant method for producing high quality limited edition prints. Zimmerman Limited Editions has overseen the production of hundreds of limited edition serigraph editions over their many years in the fine art business.

Where Should You Start?

Originals are greatly prized possessions, but are often quite costly. Limited edition serigraphs are less expensive, but can be quite valuable depending on the artist, the image, demand, and quality of the printing. If you are interested in learning more about where to start, visit or contact Zimmerman Fine Art today!

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